Apple AirPods Max


Key Specification:

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking
  • Hi-Fi Audio with 40 mm Drivers
  • Transparency Mode
  • 20-Hour Battery Life
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Apple AirPods Max: Elevating Your Audio Experience

Unmatched Design and Comfort

The Apple AirPods Max, a true epitome of Apple’s commitment to simplicity and elegance, boasts an extraordinary design that is both visually striking and incredibly functional. These over-ear headphones have been meticulously redesigned to provide an uncompromising fit, catering to a diverse range of head shapes while immersing you in every sound. The breathable knit mesh canopy ensures even weight distribution, reducing pressure on your head. The stainless steel frame wrapped in a soft-to-the-touch cloth combines strength, flexibility, and comfort. The acoustically designed memory foam ear cushions create a perfect seal for an immersive audio experience. With its Digital Crown, you have effortless control over volume, music playback, calls, and Siri.

What is the Apple AirPods Max Price in Bangladesh?

Now, let’s talk about the affordability of this luxurious audio experience. The Apple AirPods Max, with all its remarkable features, is priced at 62,500 BDT in Bangladesh. However, if you’re shopping at Farazi Technology, you can get these premium headphones for an even more budget-friendly 63,500 Tk. This competitive pricing makes the AirPods Max an attractive option for those seeking the perfect blend of style, performance, and comfort without breaking the bank.

Impeccable Audio Performance

When it comes to headphones, audio performance reigns supreme, and the AirPods Max certainly excels in this department. These headphones earn a perfect score for their seamless audio performance, thanks to cutting-edge technology. High-fidelity audio and industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation work in harmony to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Specially designed drivers ensure minimal distortion across the audible range, providing a pristine audio experience from precise mids to crisp highs and deep, rich bass. The integration of two inward-facing and six outward-facing microphones allows for adaptive noise cancellation and the isolation of your voice using beamforming microphones.

Exceptional Noise Cancellation

Building on the legacy of the AirPods and AirPods Pro, the AirPods Max houses the powerful Apple H1 processor in each earcup, equipped with at least 10 audio cores. This processor supports Adaptive EQ, active noise cancellation, Transparency mode, and Spatial Audio. Whether you’re watching a Dolby Atmos movie or simply enjoying music, the AirPods Max immerses you in a world of sound where even passing planes feel incredibly real.

Satisfying Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial factor for any wireless device, especially headphones. The AirPods Max ensures you can enjoy your music, movies, or conversations for up to 20 hours with Active Noise Cancellation and Spatial Audio turned on. So, whether you’re on a long journey or simply indulging in your favorite playlist, you won’t be bothered by frequent charging. And for those times when you’re in a hurry, a quick 5-minute charge via the Lightning connection gives you an extra 1.5 hours of listening time.

In conclusion

The Apple AirPods Max is a testament to Apple’s dedication to delivering exceptional audio experiences. With its stunning design, outstanding audio performance, top-notch noise cancellation, and impressive battery life, it sets a new standard for over-ear headphones. Plus, its affordability at Farazi Technology makes it an irresistible choice for audiophiles and tech enthusiasts alike. Elevate your listening experience with the AirPods Max – the perfect harmony of style and substance.

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