Honor Watch 4


Key Features:

  • OS: MagicOS 7.2
  • Display: 1.75″ 390×450 pixels
  • Camera: NO
  • RAM: 32MB RAM
  • Battery: 451mAh Li-Po
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Title: Discover the Honor Watch 4: A Stylish and Feature-Packed Smartwatch

In July 2023, the tech world witnessed the unveiling of the highly-anticipated Honor Watch 4, a remarkable addition to the world of smartwatches. With its sleek design, innovative features, and affordability, the Honor Watch 4 quickly gained popularity among tech enthusiasts and fitness aficionados alike. Let’s dive into the key features that make this smartwatch stand out, its price in Bangladesh, and where you can get your hands on it at Farazi Technology for just 19500 Tk.

What is The Honor Watch 4 Price in Bangladesh?

Now, let’s talk about the most exciting aspect: the price of the Honor Watch 4 in Bangladesh. Farazi Technology is offering this fantastic smartwatch at an incredible price of just 19500 Tk. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users who are looking for a feature-packed smartwatch without breaking the bank.

1. Cutting-Edge Design and Build Quality

The Honor Watch 4 boasts a premium design that combines both style and durability. Its compact dimensions of 45.3 x 39.1 x 11.2 mm and feather-light weight of 32 grams ensure that it sits comfortably on your wrist. The watch features a glass front, a plastic back, and a robust stainless steel frame, ensuring longevity and resistance to daily wear and tear. It’s also rated 5ATM water-resistant, making it suitable for swimming and outdoor activities.

2. Vibrant AMOLED Display

One of the standout features of the Honor Watch 4 is its 1.75-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with 16 million colors. The sharp 390 x 450-pixel resolution delivers vivid visuals and a pixel density of approximately 340 ppi. Whether you’re checking notifications, tracking your fitness, or simply telling the time, the vibrant display ensures a delightful user experience.

3. Powerful Performance with MagicOS 7.2

Under the hood, the Honor Watch 4 is powered by MagicOS 7.2, ensuring smooth and responsive performance. It comes with 4 GB of internal storage and 32 MB of RAM, providing ample space for your apps and data. While it doesn’t support external memory cards, the built-in storage is sufficient for most users’ needs.

4. Health and Fitness Tracking

The Honor Watch 4 is not just a stylish accessory but also a comprehensive health and fitness companion. Equipped with a range of sensors, including an accelerometer, gyro, heart rate monitor, and SpO2 sensor, it can track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and even measure your blood oxygen levels. This data is essential for keeping an eye on your health and fitness progress.

5. Connectivity and Battery Life

Staying connected is a breeze with the Honor Watch 4, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and eSIM support. It also features GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS, and QZSS for accurate location tracking. The built-in 451 mAh non-removable Li-Po battery ensures that the watch keeps up with your active lifestyle, providing long-lasting usage on a single charge.

Available in Stylish Colors

The Honor Watch 4 comes in two elegant color variants, Black and Gold. These options allow you to choose a style that suits your personality and fashion preferences. Whether you’re heading to the gym or a formal event, the Honor Watch 4 is sure to complement your look.

In conclusion, the Honor Watch 4 is a smartwatch that not only keeps you connected but also helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. Its blend of design, features, and affordability makes it a compelling choice for anyone in Bangladesh looking to upgrade their wristwear. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this remarkable smartwatch; head over to Farazi Technology and grab the Honor Watch 4 for an incredible price of 19500 Tk.

Most Asked Frequently Questions:

Q: When was the Honor Watch 4 unveiled?
A: The Honor Watch 4 was unveiled in July 2023.

Q: What is the price of the Honor Watch 4 in Bangladesh?
A: The Honor Watch 4 is priced at 19500 Tk in Bangladesh.

Q: What are the key selling points of the Honor Watch 4?
A: The Honor Watch 4 offers a stylish design, innovative features, and affordability.

Q: What are the dimensions and weight of the Honor Watch 4?
A: The watch measures 45.3 x 39.1 x 11.2 mm and weighs 32 grams.

Q: What is the display size and resolution of the Honor Watch 4?
A: The watch features a 1.75-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 390 x 450 pixels.

Q: What operating system does the Honor Watch 4 use?
A: The Honor Watch 4 runs on MagicOS 7.2.

Q: How much internal storage does the Honor Watch 4 have?
A: It has 4 GB of internal storage.

Q: What health and fitness tracking features does the Honor Watch 4 offer?
A: The watch can track steps, monitor heart rate, and measure blood oxygen levels.

Q: What is the battery capacity of the Honor Watch 4?
A: It has a 451 mAh non-removable Li-Po battery.

Q: In which colors is the Honor Watch 4 available?
A: The Honor Watch 4 is available in Black and Gold color variants.


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