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Galaxy A03 Core โ€“ Official

Galaxy A03 Core – Official

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On Sale Galaxy A03s โ€“ Official

Galaxy A03s – Official

Original price was: 18,599৳.Current price is: 14,350৳.
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On Sale Galaxy A04 โ€“ Official

Galaxy A04 – Official

Original price was: 13,999৳.Current price is: 13,700৳.
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Galaxy A12 โ€” Official

Galaxy A12 โ€” Official

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On Sale Galaxy A13 โ€” Official

Galaxy A13 โ€” Official

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Galaxy A22 โ€“ Official

Galaxy A22 – Official

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Save: 5049৳ Galaxy A23 โ€“ Official 6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM

Galaxy A23 – Official 6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM

Original price was: 31,599৳.Current price is: 26,550৳.
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On Sale Galaxy A33 5G - Official

Galaxy A33 5G – Official

Original price was: 48,699৳.Current price is: 45,450৳.
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On Sale Galaxy A52 - Official

Galaxy A52 – Official

Original price was: 40,000৳.Current price is: 37,600৳.
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Galaxy A52s 5G

Galaxy A52s 5G

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Galaxy A52s 5G – Official

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On Sale Galaxy A53 5G

Galaxy A53 5G

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On Sale Galaxy A72 โ€“ Official

Galaxy A72 – Official

Original price was: 54,000৳.Current price is: 50,600৳.
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Galaxy A73 5G

Galaxy A73 5G

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Galaxy F22 โ€“ Official

Galaxy F22 – Official

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Save: 3499৳ Galaxy M32 โ€“ Official 6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM

Galaxy M32 – Official 6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM

Original price was: 23,999৳.Current price is: 20,500৳.
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On Sale Galaxy M33 5Gโ€” Official

Galaxy M33 5Gโ€” Official

Original price was: 36,999৳.Current price is: 34,700৳.
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Galaxy M53 5G โ€“ Official

Galaxy M53 5G – Official

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Galaxy S21 FE 5G

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Galaxy S21 FE 5G - Official

Galaxy S21 FE 5G – Official

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Galaxy S22 5G

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Galaxy S22 Ultra – Official

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Galaxy S22+ 5G

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On Sale Galaxy S22+ Official

Galaxy S22+ Official

Original price was: 148,999৳.Current price is: 139,550৳.
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Galaxy S23 5G

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Samsung mobile in Bangladesh

Samsung mobile occupies a special place in the smartphone world among all the gorgeous and top-notch flagship handsets. With attractive features, Samsung always impresses its fans by releasing updated versions of its handsets with new features in Bangladesh.

Samsung often releases some new handset every year to provide more convenience to Samsung fans. Samsung first launched their original Galaxy device in 2009. The handset was named Android 1.5 based on which it ran. This handset was followed two years after its launch by the Galaxy S3. Currently Samsung’s Galaxy sets S21, S22, S23, and S24 ultra offer the best features. There are also many latest Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh.

If we think about the price of Samsung mobile in Bangladesh sets are many variants than other handsets. No matter how you drive the Samsung, its battery, body materials and camera clarity never change or deteriorate. The life force of Samsung is much higher than any other handset.

Here, we will know about the features of Samsung, what is latest Samsung galaxy mobile price in Bangladesh of which model, what is its function, so if you want to buy this phone, you can get all the information in Farazi Technology Website.

All Samsung Mobile Phone Features

Some of the special features of Samsung mobile phones are 6.6 inch full HD display, Qualcomm Snap Dragon processor, side mounted fingerprint, real camera picture, 5000 mAh battery. The features of every mobile are arranged in such a way that a customer can fulfill his maximum needs from a mobile phone.

Not only this, most mobiles feature AMOLED notch displays which are hundreds of times more effective and larger than other popular mobiles in the market. Many people prefer Samsung phones as an alternative to DSLRs due to the larger mobile display.

Besides this, the charging capacity of Samsung is also very high. A fully charged phone will give you a maximum backup of 48 hours. More functional mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy A14 have a large display and 64 GB of RAM. That is, Samsung has selectively added every feature that is among the best phones in the market to their products. As a result, Samsung has become better than other products in terms of quality and value.

Special Features of Latest Samsung Phones

Processor: Most of the Samsung phones use Qualcomm snapdragon 8th gen 2 or Qualcomm snapdragon 750 5 G. Samsung phones are super-fast for this processor used in the latest model Samsung models. Samsung has no match for smooth gaming experience like PC or laptop. Also, for this processor, Samsung phones are able to work for much longer on a small charge than other phones.

RAM: Samsung phones have RAM ranging from 6 GB to 12 GB. As a result, you can do many tasks simultaneously with just one phone. Also, Samsung phones have virtual RAM. So, if you are looking for a good quality phone for multitasking then Samsung phones are the best.

Storage: The storage capacity of Samsung phones also deserves praise. These phones usually offer 128 GB to 256 GB of storage. As a result, you can easily install any kind of apps, watch movies, music, watch videos, video streaming etc. on your phone. For those who need a lot more storage facilities, Samsung is going to be the best phone.

Display: The displays of Samsung phones are relatively much larger than other phones. As a result, you will enjoy taking photos with this phone, as the display is big, you can do any official work that had to be done on a PC or computer on the go. The display of Samsung phones is made with AMOLED. As a result, you get much better video quality here, along with longer battery backup which I think is a really cool feature.

Battery: Samsung phones use a 5000 mAh battery. As a result, you can use this phone for a long time on a single charge. Also, you have fast charging capacity which gives you the convenience of full charge of the phone in a short time.

Camera: I think Samsung is one of the best budget phones for those looking to buy a good camera. The picture resolution of this phone is much better than other phones. Most Samsung phones have 13-megapixel front and back cameras. As a result, you can take pictures at any angle that suits you.

Popular series of Samsung mobiles

Samsung Galaxy S-series

Samsung’s flagship smartphones come under the S-series. This series of phones are known for advanced technology, powerful hardware and state-of-the-art cameras. Currently the latest models of Samsung S-series are Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy S24+ and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Also Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S21 are still popular.

Samsung Galaxy A-series

The Samsung Galaxy A-series is a good mid-range phone series among Samsung brand mobile phones. A-series phones are popular for good performance and attractive design. Samsung Galaxy A54, Samsung Galaxy A74, Samsung Galaxy A55, Samsung Galaxy A22, Samsung Galaxy A03s, Samsung Galaxy A35, Samsung Galaxy A72, Samsung Galaxy A73 and A34 are popular models in this series.

Samsung Galaxy M-series

M-series is a series of budget-friendly smartphones from Samsung. The M-series phones are known for large batteries, high refresh rate displays and multi-camera setups. Samsung Galaxy M52, Samsung Galaxy M54, Samsung Galaxy M33, Samsung Galaxy M53, Samsung Galaxy M34 and Samsung Galaxy M24 are popular models in this series.

Samsung Galaxy Z-series

Z-series is Samsung’s series of foldable smartphones. The latest Fold series mobiles are Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Some more popular models in this series are Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung Galaxy F-Series

The F-series is Samsung’s series of online-exclusive smartphones. F-series phones are known for good performance and affordable price. The latest models of the Samsung F-series are the Samsung Galaxy F64 and Samsung Galaxy F44. Some more popular models of this series are Samsung Galaxy F23 5G, Samsung Galaxy F13, Samsung Galaxy F42 5G, Samsung Galaxy F02s, Samsung Galaxy M53 5G.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is a line of Android phablets manufactured by Samsung Electronics. Galaxy Note series is Samsung’s series of smartphones with S Pen stylus. Note20 Ultra is the latest model in this series. Some other popular models of this series are Galaxy Note10+, Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy Note7.

Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi price in Bangladesh start from 15,000 to 2,00,000+ of taka. According to the price, each phone model has different features. So the price also varies according to the features. Farazi Technology You will find all Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh. ย ย Some of Samsung’s low-range phones are good for cameras, while some phones are good for fast charging, gaming. You can choose any one according to your budget. In addition, Samsung’s more expensive phones are getting more RAM, fast charging, dual cameras, high-quality processors and many other benefits. Those who are more inclined towards the latest models of Samsung can live comfortably by buying such phones.