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Save: 1000৳ Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus। 12 GB RAM । 256 GB ROM (Used)

Original price was: 36,500৳.Current price is: 35,500৳.
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The most trusted showroom for used mobiles in Bangladesh is the outlet of Farazi Technology Jamuna Future Park. Farazi Technology Jamuna Future Park Outlet offers used smart phones at affordable prices than the market price. Things to keep in mind while buying a used phone in Bangladesh are-

Know Your Needs

Before buying, clearly define the intended use of your phone. Do you need a powerful camera for photography, a long-lasting battery for use on the go or a reliable device for basic tasks?

Research Used Mobile Models

Once you know your needs, research popular used models that fit your criteria. Check online reviews, compare specifications and gauge their current market value in your area. You can know the price of used phone in BD from the website of Farazi Technology.

Determine the Budget

Before you buy a used mobile, you must determine the budget. So that helps to buy the right mobile within the specified price. You can directly buy good quality budget mobile phones in Bangladesh from Farazi Technology used phone showroom in Jamuna Future Park.

Identifying Used Mobile Dealers

Online Seller Website

You must select trusted website for online used mobile shopping. From where you will get better sales service if you buy mobile. And seller help is available for any need. Before buying you must understand the terms and conditions of the seller. If you keep all these aspects in mind, Farazi Technology can be a reliable website for you.

Physical Used Mobile Showroom

For used mobiles, you can check the best mobiles if you buy them directly from the showroom. In this case, if there is any problem with the mobile, the correct service will be available from the show room. Farazi Technology used mobile showroom is at Jamuna Future Park, Level 4, Block-C, Shop No: 003D.

Before Buying a Used Mobile Phone that should be Noted?

Physical Inspection: Look for any cracks, scratches, dents or signs of fluid damage. Check all buttons, ports and SIM card slots for functionality

Software Test: Turn on the phone and test various features – camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, speaker, microphone and touchscreen responsiveness. Make sure it runs the latest operating system and is malware free.

Battery Life: Check battery health in phone settings and observe if it drains fast. Run a battery benchmark test to evaluate its overall performance, if available.

IMEI Check: IMEI number uniquely identifies a phone. Use a free online service to check if the phone is blacklisted, lost or stolen

Warranty Check: If the phone is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer to verify its validity and understand its limitations.

Data Transfer: Before buying, confirm with the seller that the phone has been factory reset and is free of any existing accounts or data.

Secure Transactions

When purchasing a mobile from Farazi Technology, one can choose a secure payment method such as cash on delivery condition. However, if it is a high-priced mobile phone, you have to pay some advance and confirm the order. It is provided with every used mobile phone within the website.

Bonus with Used Phone

Consider getting a phone case and screen protector to improve durability and protect your investment when purchasing a mobile from Farazi Technology.


By following these tips and taking precautions, you can navigate the used mobile market and find a reliable phone from us that fit your budget and needs. Remember, forage technology always goes a long way to ensure a satisfying used phone purchase.

The used flagship smartphone has created the most light in the marketplace of Bangladesh at the moment.

For this Farazi Technology has stored the used flagship smartphone on their website, And at a special discount for their users, these flagship Mobiles are offering 2024.

From anywhere in Bangladesh, through courier. Or from the showroom of Jamuna Future Park, people can collect these smartphones.