Haylou RS4 AMOLED HD LCD Smart Watch with spO2


  • Model: Haylou RS4 LS12
  • 1.78″ (368 x 448) AMOLED HD Display
  • 12 workout modes, Alipay Offline Payment
  • IP68 waterproof, SpO2 tracking
  • 10 days battery life, Sleep monitoring


Xiaomi Haylou RS4 LS12

featured with 1.78″ (368 x 448) AMOLED HD display, 12 workout modes, Alipay Offline Payment, IP68 waterproof, SpO2 tracking, 10 days battery life, Sleep monitoring, Heart rate monitoring. This Haylou RS4 is specially designed for sports. Easily check information.

Creative Strap Design

In this smart watch, 48.6g lightweight metal bezel is designed with a technological aesthetic. And also the upgraded silicone strap, which is skin-friendly and breathable for a long time wearing. This Smart watch comes with Creative design without a hoop and it is Stylish and easy to wear.

Health Check Up

This Smart watch has Blood Oxygen Testing feature, Sleepiness and fatigue after high-intensity exercise or work is a sign of insufficient oxygen in the body. Just Raise your wrist to test your blood oxygen level and keep fit. This Haylou RS4 smart watch is able to detect your heart rate 24 hours a day and detect even slight change, welly knowing your every heartbeat. With this watch, you can actively monitors sleep time and status to help you develop good sleep habits. And also you train breathing.

12 Workout Modes

This new Haylou RS4 smart watch has 12 workout modes, which helps to record real-time exercise data, helping you track and improve your athletic performance. This Smart Watch has 12 Workout Modes, these are Cycling, Climbing, Fast walking, Outdoor running, Spinning, Indoor running, Yoga, Free training, Basketball, Football, Rowing and Gymnastics

Active Tracking of Activities

The Haylou RS4 smart watch comes with built-in high-precision motion sensor, Haylou RS4 helps to actively record your daily exercise behavior. You can set your goals and strive to realize them. You can measure Distance, Steps, Monitor calories burnt.

Alipay Offline Payment

The Haylou RS4 watch supports Alipay offline payment. For Alipay Offline Payment, just need to Swipe left on the homepage to enter the scanning code page, raise your wrist to make the payment.

10 Days Battery Life

In this Smart Watch, It provides 10 Days Battery Life in daily use mode, and it can be used for about 25 days in basic use mode, saving the trouble of daily charging.

Real-time Message Reminder

You can Connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth with this smart watch. Calls, WeChat, and various APP information can be synchronized with the watch in real-time.

IP68 Waterproof

The Haylou RS4 watch is IP68 waterproof. You can easily cope with sweating during workouts or stormy rains and there is no need to take off the watch when washing your hands,

Haylou RS4 smart watch is a small assistant on your wrist. This smart watch comes with more practical functions to make smart life more comfortable. Here, Heart rate sensor, motion sensor, blood oxygen sensor are also availble. This smart watch is compatible with Android 6.0 and above, iOS 11.0 and above. Supported functions will vary with different watches, mobile phones, and countries. This Latest Haylou RS4 smart watch has no warranty.