Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G


Key Features:

  • Dimensity 9300 Octa-Core
  • 6.78-inch AMOLED FHD+ display
  • 50MP main camera with a LYTIA-T808 sensor
  • 5000 mAh Hyper Charging
  • 12 GB RAM
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What is The Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G Price in Bangladesh?

Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G phones are currently very popular. Xiaomi phones are popular because of their design and use of very good quality cameras and these phones are also durable. The price of this Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G Price in Bangladesh is expected to be between 145,000 Tk. If the phone is launched in Bangladesh, then it will be very loved by the people of Bangladesh. Moreover, you can also purchase the phone through our Farazi Technology website.

Where to buy The Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G in Bangladesh?

You can safely receive the Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G from us. Because we guarantee authentic mobiles. Also, gives twelve-month instalments or EMI facilities. You can also directly visit our Multiplan Center showroom to purchase your desired phone. Moreover, our website has different types of mobiles, you can buy the phone of your choice according to your budget. We give various discounts on Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G from time to time and try to give you the best quality. We also provide home delivery. So if you want to buy this Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G  visit our Showroom and website Farazi Technology.

What should you check before buying a Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G?

Currently Xiaomi phones are very good but you will buy the phone with your hard earned money. According to Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G Price in Bangladesh Then several things need to be checked and selected and bought. Notable among them is the camera of the phone. 

If the camera is not good then you will not get peace by taking pictures. So definitely check the camera and the processor power because the more powerful the processor, the more fun you will have in gaming and multitasking. Also check Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G how long the battery will provide backup. And understand the guarantee warranty. Then we hope you can buy a good quality phone.

Should you buy the Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G?

If you want to buy a camera phone with beautiful design and good quality. So is this Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G phone reasonable enough for you. Because the phone has a fairly good processor along with a good camera. And get an all-day battery backup. Although the phone is not made for gaming purposes, you can still play a few games. So if you’re an Xiaomi lover, we think you should definitely get this Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G. Moreover, Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G Price in Bangladesh we have many other types of phones on our website. You can visit if you want.

Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G Key Spec:

  • Processor: Dimensity 9300 Octa-Core, giving powerful performance for demanding tasks and gaming.
  • Display: 6.78-inch AMOLED FHD+ display with a 20:9 aspect ratio, delivering vivid colours and immersive visuals.
  • Camera: 50MP main camera with a LYTIA-T808 sensor, promising exceptional image quality in various lighting conditions.
  • Battery: 5000 mAh battery with fast charging support, ensuring long endurance and quick recharges.
  • Connectivity: 5G support for ultra-fast internet speeds, along with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 for seamless connectivity.

Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G Highlights:

The Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G stands out as a powerhouse, driven by the robust Dimensity 9300 Octa-Core processor, giving impressive performance capabilities for both demanding tasks and gaming enthusiasts. Its 6.78-inch AMOLED FHD+ display, featuring a 20:9 aspect ratio, ensures an immersive visual experience with vibrant colors and sharp details. The camera setup is a highlight, featuring a 50MP main camera equipped with the Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G Price in Bangladesh advanced LYTIA-T808 sensor. The Awesome 5000 mAh battery, with fast charging support.

Most Asked Frequently Questions:

When will the Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G be released?
The Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G has actually already been released, with its launch date globally on September 26, 2023.

What is the price of the Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G?
The price of the Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G is BDT. 145000 Tk.

How much RAM and ROM does Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G contain?
It has a 12 GB RAM Option.

Which type of display panel is used in Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G?
It comes with 6.67 inches (16.94 cm).

How is the processor and chipset Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G?
It contains a MediaTek Dimensity 9200 Plus chipset.

What are the camera and video capabilities?
50 MP + 12 MP + 50 MP Triple Primary Cameras and 20 MP Front Camera.

Does Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G support a 5G network?

How is the battery capacity of the Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G?
5000 mAh Fast Charging USB Type-C Port

What sensors does this Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G have?
Accelerometer, proximity, and compass.

Which country and company manufactured the Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G?
The Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G is primarily manufactured in Vietnam by Xiaomi itself.

New Smartphone
Brand Xiaomi
Model Xiaomi 13T Pro 5G
Display Size 6.67 inches (16.94 cm)
Display Type AMOLED
Chipset MediaTek Dimensity 9200 Plus
Memory 12 GB RAM
Main Camera 50 MP + 12 MP + 50 MP Triple Primary Cameras
Selfie Camera 20 MP Front Camera
Battery Info 5000 mAh