EKEN H9R 4K Wifi Waterproof Action Camera With Remote Control


Key Features:

  • Model H9R
  • 2-inch LCD Display
  • 4K video and 12MP photos
  • Built-in WiFi
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EKEN H9R 4K Wifi Waterproof Action Camera – Key Features

1. High-Quality 4K Video and Image Capture

The EKEN H9R action camera allows you to capture stunning 4K videos and high-resolution images, providing exceptional clarity and detail. Whether you’re recording your adventures or capturing memorable moments, this camera ensures excellent visual quality.

2. Built-in WiFi and Remote Control

With its built-in WiFi functionality, the EKEN H9R camera enables you to connect it to your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. This allows you to control the camera settings, preview and transfer photos and videos directly to your device. Additionally, the included remote control provides convenient hands-free operation.

3. Waterproof and Durable Design

The EKEN H9R is designed to withstand various outdoor activities and extreme environments. It is waterproof up to 30 meters (98 feet) with the included waterproof case, making it suitable for capturing underwater adventures such as snorkeling or diving. The rugged construction ensures durability and protection against accidental drops and impacts.

4. Wide-Angle Lens and Multiple Shooting Modes

Equipped with a wide-angle lens, the EKEN H9R camera allows you to capture a broader perspective, perfect for landscape shots or group photos. It also offers multiple shooting modes, including time-lapse, burst mode, and slow motion, giving you the flexibility to create unique and dynamic content.

5. Versatile Mounting Options

The EKEN H9R action camera comes with a variety of accessories and mounting options, allowing you to attach it to helmets, handlebars, or other surfaces. This versatility enables you to capture your adventures from different angles and perspectives, enhancing the overall visual experience.

What is The EKEN H9R 4K Wifi Waterproof Action Camera Price in Bangladesh?

The EKEN H9R 4K Wifi Waterproof Action Camera is priced at 5900 TK BDT in Bangladesh, according to FaraziTechnology.com.bd.


FaraziTechnology.com.bd is an online retailer in Bangladesh offering a wide range of electronic products, including the EKEN H9R 4K Wifi Waterproof Action Camera. You can visit their website to learn more about the product, check its availability, and make a purchase.


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