Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen


Key Specification:

  • Tip Diameter 0.7mm
  • Pressure Levels 4096
  • latency 9ms
  • Battery life 10 hours
  • Bluetooth Enabled Yes


The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen: 5 Features, Price in Bangladesh

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen is the latest addition to Samsung’s premium Galaxy Note series. It features a sleek design, improved features and an enhanced writing experience. This S Pen is designed to make writing, drawing, and navigating content on the Note 20 Ultra easier than ever before. The S Pen is also compatible with select Galaxy Note devices, allowing users to use the same pen across their devices.

5 Key Features of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen

  • Air Gesture: Control your Note 20 Ultra with just a wave of your hand.
  • Screen Off Memo: Quickly jot down notes without having to unlock your device.
  • Live Message: Create fun animated messages with handwriting and drawings.
  • Smart Select: Select and share multiple pieces of content with ease.
  • Penup: Create art, share it with friends, and enjoy feedback from a global community.

What is The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen Price in Bangladesh?

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen is available for purchase in Bangladesh at for a price of 3500 Taka.


The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen is a great addition to the Note series and is sure to please users with its improved features and enhanced writing experience. With its Air Gesture, Screen Off Memo, Live Message, Smart Select, and Penup features, the S Pen is an invaluable tool for those who need to get the most out of their Note device.


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