Google Pixel 9


Key Features:

  • Upgraded OLED panel
  • Custom Google Tensor G4 chip
  • Improved setup, possibly triple-lens
  • Larger capacity than Pixel 8
  • (rumored 5100mAh)
  • Latest Android 14


Google Pixel 9

Google Pixel 9 is still basking in its new-phone glory, tech enthusiasts are already turning their gaze towards the horizon, eagerly awaiting whispers about its successor, the Pixel 9. With a potential launch window in October 2024, the Pixel 9 remains shrouded in mystery, but based on leaks, rumors, and educated guesses.

Feature of Google Pixel 9

  • 6.5-inch AMOLED Display, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Google Tensor G3 Processor
  • 8GB or 12GB RAM
  • 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB Storage Capacity
  • 50MP, 48MP and 12MP Rear camera, 10.5MP Front camera
  • Battery 5000mAh
  • Operating system Android 14


The design language might see a shift towards compactness, with the Pixel 9 potentially sporting a 6.5-inch display compared to the Pixel 9 6.7-inch behemoth. Leaks suggest a continued use of the signature camera bar, but with possible tweaks to its placement or aesthetics.


Powering the Pixel 9 is likely to be the next iteration of Google’s in-house Tensor chipset, the Tensor G3 or G4. This new chip is expected to bring advancements in AI processing, machine learning, and overall performance, making the Pixel 9 a powerhouse for multitasking and demanding applications.


Google has always been a leader in smartphone photography, and the Pixel 9 is expected to continue this legacy. Rumors hint at a triple-camera setup on the Pro model, potentially featuring a 50MP main sensor, a 48MP telephoto lens, and a 48MP ultrawide lens. The front-facing camera might also see an upgrade, offering sharper selfies and improved video calls. Google’s software magic, known for its computational photography prowess, is likely to remain a key differentiator, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with smartphone cameras.


Pixel 9 will undoubtedly ship with the latest version of Android, most likely Android 14. Google is known for providing clean, bloatware-free experiences with timely updates, and the Pixel 9 is expected to be no exception. Additionally, whispers suggest a renewed focus on AI-powered features and software tricks, further solidifying the Pixel’s position as a showcase for Google’s software prowess.

Other Features

Battery life is always a concern, and leaks suggest the Pixel 9 Pro might boast a 5050mAh battery, offering potentially longer usage times. Additionally, the phone is expected to support 5G connectivity, ensuring blazing-fast internet speeds. Other features like wireless charging, water resistance, and an in-display fingerprint sensor are also likely to be present.

Important Caveat

Remember, this information is based on leaks and rumors, and nothing is confirmed until Google officially unveils the Pixel 9. So, take this with a grain of salt, and keep an eye out for official announcements closer to the launch date.


While the Google Pixel 9 remains a mystery, the early whispers paint an exciting picture of a phone that could push the boundaries of smartphone technology. With a focus on performance, camera prowess, and AI-powered features, the Pixel 9 has the potential to be a worthy successor to the already impressive Pixel 9 series. As we inch closer to October, the fog surrounding the Pixel 9 will surely clear, revealing its true form and solidifying its place in the ever-evolving smartphone landscape.

Google Pixel 9 Price in Bangladesh

Google Pixel 9 price starts from BDT 92000, the Google Pixel 9 Price is coming in Bangladesh. Google Pixel 9 is likely to follow a similar pricing strategy, although exact figures remain unknown. As for availability, expect a global launch, similar to previous Pixel releases. When this phone will release, you will collect it from Farazi Technology Showroom.

Review Overview
New Smartphone
Brand Google
Model Google Pixel 9
Display Size 6.68 inches
Display Type OLED
Chipset Google Tensor G4
Memory 8GB
Main Camera 64 MP + 48 MP + 12 MP + PDAF
Selfie Camera 16 MP + Auto-HDR
Battery Info 5100mAh Possible


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