JBL TUNE 115BT Wireless In-Ear headphones


Key Features:

  • Wireless Convenience
  • Signature Sound
  • Secure Fit
  • Extended Battery Life



JBL TUNE 115BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The JBL TUNE 115BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones are a fantastic audio accessory that offers a range of features to enhance your music experience. Here are five key features that make these headphones stand out:

1. Wireless Connectivity

These headphones utilize Bluetooth technology to provide seamless wireless connectivity to your devices. Say goodbye to tangled cords and enjoy the freedom to move around without being restricted by wires.

2. High-Quality Sound

With JBL’s signature sound technology, the TUNE 115BT headphones deliver crisp and clear audio. The powerful drivers ensure a dynamic listening experience with deep bass and detailed highs.

3. Comfortable and Secure Fit

Designed for comfort, these in-ear headphones come with ergonomically shaped ear tips that provide a secure fit. Whether you’re working out or on the go, the headphones will stay in place, allowing you to enjoy your music without any distractions.

4. Long Battery Life

Equipped with a long-lasting battery, these headphones can provide hours of continuous music playback. This makes them ideal for long commutes, travel, or extended listening sessions without the need for frequent recharging.

5. Hands-Free Calling

The built-in microphone and remote control buttons enable you to take calls without having to reach for your phone. You can switch seamlessly between music and calls, making these headphones a versatile companion for your daily activities.

What is The JBL TUNE 115BT Price in Bangladesh?

The JBL TUNE 115BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones are available in Bangladesh at a competitive price. As per the information from Farazi Technology’s website, you can purchase these headphones for 2400 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

About FaraziTechnology.com.bd

FaraziTechnology.com.bd is a reputable online electronics retailer in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of audio products, gadgets, and accessories. They provide a convenient platform for customers to explore and purchase the latest tech gadgets at affordable prices.


The JBL TUNE 115BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones combine convenience, quality, and style in one package. With their wireless connectivity, impressive sound quality, comfortable fit, extended battery life, and hands-free features, they are a great choice for music enthusiasts and active individuals alike.


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