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What is The Meta Quest Pro Price in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the starting pricing for Meta Quest Pro is 140000 BDT. Embark on a novel virtual world adventure by utilizing Meta Quest Pro’s unique features.

Advanced high-resolution passthrough cameras allow users to see the real world around them without opening the headset. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor ensures fast loading and smooth performance. The redesigned headset with improved weight distribution and padding makes it more comfortable to wear for long periods. Meta Quest Pro offers a glimpse of the future of VR. With advanced features and capabilities, it can be a worthwhile investment for people interested in VR technology.

Meta Quest Pro: Top Features

  • High-resolution displays (1800 x 1920 per eye) for sharper visuals and reduced glare.
  • Pancake lenses for a smaller, lighter headset design.
  • Face and eye tracking Your avatar mirrors your facial expressions and subtle eye movements.
  • Redesigned Touch Pro controllers: Smaller, self-tracking with improved haptics for natural interactions.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor delivers 50% more power than the Quest 2 for smoother VR experiences.
  • 12GB RAM and 256GB storage for demanding VR applications and games.
  • Passthrough cameras: See the real world without using the headset for mixed reality experiences.
  • Comfortable design: Improved weight distribution and padding for extended wear.
  • Metaverse ready: Designed for future applications in collaborative work and social interaction in virtual spaces.


  • High price tag compared to other VR headsets.
  • VR ecosystem for advanced features might be limited initially.
  • Overall, the Meta Quest Pro offers cutting-edge VR technology for enthusiasts and professionals willing to invest in the future.

Should you buy the Meta Quest Pro?

Whether you buy the Meta Quest Pro depends on your needs and budget and Meta Quest Pro Price in Bangladesh is 140000 tk. You’re a VR enthusiast who wants the latest and greatest technology: The Meta Quest Pro offers cutting-edge features like face and eye tracking, improved visuals, and a powerful processor, providing the most immersive VR experience currently available. But, The price is high, This is the biggest barrier for most users. Compared to the Meta Quest 2, which offers a solid VR experience at a significantly lower price, the Pro might not justify the cost for casual users. If you work in fields like design, engineering, or training, the Pro’s features could enhance your workflow and collaboration in virtual spaces. At 140,000 TK From “Farazi Technology”, the Pro is quite expensive compared to other VR headsets. If budget isn’t a limiting factor, and you value having top-of-the-line technology, it might be worth it.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Weigh your needs, budget, and priorities carefully before making a purchase. If you’re unsure, waiting for reviews and user experiences with the Pro might be helpful before committing.

Meta Quest Pro Highlight:

Immerse yourself in the next level of VR with the Meta Quest Pro! Featuring groundbreaking high-resolution displays, face and eye tracking for lifelike avatars, and a powerful Snapdragon XR2+ processor for seamless performance, the Pro pushes the boundaries of VR experiences. Explore virtual worlds with natural interactions through redesigned Touch Pro controllers, see your real surroundings with passthrough cameras, and even collaborate in the future Metaverse. While the hefty price tag might make casual users pause, for VR enthusiasts and professionals seeking the cutting-edge, the Pro offers a glimpse into the immersive future.

Most Asked Frequently Questions:

1. What are the highlights of the Pro?
High-resolution displays, face & eye tracking, powerful processor, natural interactions, passthrough cameras, Metaverse-ready.

2. Is it worth buying for casual users?
Probably not due to the high price compared to alternatives like Meta Quest 2.

3. Who might benefit from the Pro?
VR enthusiasts seeking the latest tech, professionals needing VR for work/training.

4. What are the potential drawbacks?
High cost, limited VR content for advanced features yet.

5. What processor does it use?
Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ for smooth performance.

6. Does it have face and eye tracking?
Yes, for more realistic avatar expressions and interactions.

7. Can I see the real world while wearing it?
Yes, with high-resolution passthrough cameras.

8. Is it comfortable to wear for long periods?
Yes, thanks to improved weight distribution and padding.

9. Should I wait before buying?
Consider your needs and budget, and if reviews sway you. Waiting might reveal future, cheaper options.

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