Panasonic HC-MDH3 HD Professional Camcorder


Key Features:

  • Panasonic HC-MDH3
  • 6.03MP MOS Sensor
  • f/1.8 to f/3.6
  • HD recording
  • HDMI support


Panasonic HC-MDH3 HD Professional Camcorder

Your subjects are illuminated by a powerful beam of daylight-balanced light (300 lux at 3′) from an inbuilt LED light. An shielded diffusion clear out conceals and softens the light if the beam is simply too strong. Sharp photos are provided by the inbuilt 20x optical zoom lens, which has an equivalent 35mm focal length range of 29.5 to 612mm (16:9). A 49mm filter thread is another characteristic of the lens. A five-axis hybrid optical image stabilizer (O.I.S.) is used by the video camera to correct for hand shake in the side-to-side, up-down, and forward-back directions. offers normal and crisp Picture Tone options.

Boosts the contrast and a extra vibrant colour

When sharp is chosen, the contrast is increased and a more bright color matrix is employed, along with polishing. The sensor has a design that transfers the circuitry typically located in front of the photosites to the substrate’s back. This increases the number of photons that may hit the photosites, increasing the sensor’s sensitivity. A microphone is included inside the camera. White balance settings include Auto, 3200K, 5600K, VAR (2000-15,000K), Ach Fixed, and Bch Fixed. Choices include 20 thumbnails per page, 9 thumbnails per page, and one thumbnail each page. It gives professional assistance features including Area Mode, Focus Expand, Color Bar Monitor, Zebra Bars, and Histogram Display.

This Panasonic HC-MDH3 Camcorder comes with 03 Years of Service Warranty(No Parts Warranty).

What is the price of Panasonic HC-MDH3 Camcorder in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Panasonic HC-MDH3 Camcorder in Bangladesh is 85,000৳. You can buy the Panasonic HC-MDH3 Camcorder at best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms.


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