Key Features:

  • Sony W810 Digital
  • Sensor Type Super HAD CCD
  • Resolution 20.1 Mega pixel
  • Optical Zoom 6x
  • 27-162 mm F3.5-6.5 Zoom Lens


Sony Cyber-Shot W810 20MP, 6X Zoom HD Digital Camera: A Powerful Photography Companion

A digital camera with a ton of features, the Sony Cyber-Shot W810 has amazing image quality, powerful zooming, and user-friendly operation. This camera is an excellent option for amateur and professional photographers alike thanks to its 20MP sensor and 6X zoom lens. In this post, we’ll examine the Sony Cyber-Shot W810’s five most important features, as well as its pricing in Bangladesh and where to get it online at

1. High-resolution 20MP Sensor

A 20-megapixel CCD sensor on the Sony Cyber-Shot W810 enables you to take amazingly crisp and detailed pictures. You may confidently print and expand your images thanks to their excellent resolution without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re photographing close-ups, close-ups, or landscapes, this camera consistently produces spectacular photos.

2. Powerful 6X Optical Zoom Lens

The Sony Cyber-Shot W810’s 6X optical zoom lens makes it possible to take pictures of objects in the distance without affecting the quality of the images. This camera guarantees that you can get up close and personal with your subjects, whether you’re photography animals, sporting events, or concerts. You may frame your photographs precisely as you want because of the versatility of the zoom range.

3. HD Video Recording

The Sony Cyber-Shot W810 not only captures stunning still images, but it also has amazing video recording capabilities. Your memories will be preserved in rich clarity thanks to the high-definition videos you may record at a quality of up to 720p. This camera enables you to capture those priceless moments in motion, whether you’re documenting a family gathering, a vacation excursion, or a special occasion.

4. Intelligent Auto Mode

The Sony Cyber-Shot W810’s Intelligent Auto function streamlines the process of capturing excellent pictures. By adjusting exposure, focus, and other settings based on the scene you’re photographing, this function automatically modifies the camera’s settings. This mode guarantees that you may simply produce beautiful photographs without having to worry about complicated camera settings, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert photographer.

5. Easy-to-Use Interface

The Sony Cyber-Shot W810 has an intuitive user interface that makes navigating the camera’s numerous settings and modes a pleasure. You can quickly access the camera’s capabilities thanks to the user-friendly controls and menu system, which frees you up to concentrate on getting the photo. The user-friendly UI of this camera guarantees a hassle-free shooting experience regardless of your level of photography expertise.

What is The Sony Cyber-Shot W810 Price in Bangladesh and Availability?

Bangladeshi consumers may get the Sony Cyber-Shot W810 for 23,200 TK BDT. Visit, a reliable online store that sells a variety of electronic equipment, if you’re interested in buying this potent digital camera. Their website offers comprehensive product information, including specs, user reviews, and a simple purchase method.

With its excellent features and superb image quality, the Sony Cyber-Shot W810 20MP, 6X Zoom HD Digital Camera will let you unleash your creativity. The Sony Cyber-Shot W810 is a dependable companion that will enable you to effortlessly capture spectacular moments, whether you’re a seasoned professional searching for a small and flexible camera or an amateur photographer wishing to enhance your equipment.


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